Admissions Process

rightimages At Kingsway Recovery we understand that the road to sustainable recovery is unique for everyone. Our admissions process makes the transition into treatment as simple as possible.

An admission specialist will guide you through the pre-admissions process, answer any questions you have and help you schedule a date to start treatment.

If you are in need of a professional interventionist to help with a loved one, please let our admission specialists know, and we will be happy to refer you.

We understand that this is a very difficult time, and our dedicated team will be able to walk you through everything from insurance coverage and payment questions, as well as scheduling your stay, and what to expect during and after your treatment. Treatment for addiction is a medical procedure, and we take a thoughtful and professional approach to making sure your level of care is of the highest standards.

Insurance coverage and plans can be very difficult to fully understand, but our admission specialists will be able to help you understand exactly what your insurance will cover, and make the entire process as organized and painless as possible.

Accepted Insurance Policies

At Kingsway Recovery, we are an out of network provider with all insurance companies. We accept PPO insurance and can help with finance options for self-pay clients. If you have any questions about what your insurance will cover, let us know and we will be happy to fully explain what your specific policy will and will not cover.

Please note that all insurance information is verified and approved before a client is officially accepted into our treatment program.

If you are a self-pay client, the financial paperwork must be fully completed prior to starting treatment at Kingsway.

The Kingsway Admissions Process

  • Call Kingsway Recovery's Admission Team at 856-434-4635
  • Our Admissions Specialists will fully explain what our treatment program offers.
  • We will verify your Insurance information, and go over your policy. This usually is only 30-45 minutes.
  • An inital screening and consultation is scheduled. This appointment is only 15-20 minutes.
  • Arrangements for transportation to our facility and a check-in date are established. Our Admissions Specialists will help you with securing transportation and arrange for pickup, and helping making things go as smooth as possible for the day of your arrival.
  • Once you arrive at Kingsway Recovery you will fill out your intake paperwork and insurance forms.
  • You will have a dedicated Admissions Specialist working with you from beginning to end, and we will take the upmost care in making sure things go as smoothly as possible for you during your Admissions phase at Kingsway